I Demand Respect

Recent events have led me to really contemplate the level at which our culture has become demanding: demanding on resources, demanding on consumption, and demanding respect. With this final topic I wish to contemplate further. “The willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life is the source from which self-respect springs.” ~Joan Didion A Brief […]


Arousal – It’s In You To Give

A recently article by Kim Anami sparked a deep rooted desire in my.. pants. My latest article on I Love To You spoke about my thoughts on how to love, a love you give to another rather than a love that only exists between two people in mutual reciprocity. To further this, I think it’s […]


I Love To You

I’ve recently finished reading a book by Lucy Irigaray called To Be Two and it’s led me to deeply shift how I think about love. Well, truthfully, it’s not that I haven’t thought or embraced this kind of loving previously, but it’s been quite a eye opening exposé to exactly what it means to to […]

Daisy by Ned Tobin

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Walking home today I came upon the beloved daisy and remembered occasions in the past where a friend has run the gauntlet: (s)he loves me, (s)he loves me not. How do I love? Do I leave it up to question like this, wondering if that soul loves me or are they not in love with […]


Spirit, The Open Dialog of Sexuality

“I cannot be the whole for him. I can neither exist nor be in his place. But I can perhaps give him a livable place, prepare a space around him, contain myself: approach myself while drawing away from myself. Return in me without scattering or dispersing myself. […] Only your existence helps me to be […]


Inner Motivation

I’m not sure if it’s an automatic response, something that has been told us so many times that now we believe it, but do deadlines really motivate us? I think that deadline motivation is primarily fear based motivation. A looming judgement day rapidly advancing on our psyche with strict punishments. Can this be healthy? This […]


Apple Blossoms at Dusk

One day a young boy and his father were sitting in their pasture watching the early spring grow as dusk approached. They both took off their shoes to enjoy the wild grass between their toes, it had been a long day working away, they were gardeners and had spent most of the day sowing seeds […]


Holding On Is Not An Option

At what point are we done? As far as I can see it, even with death we are only done with our physical existence of what we realize as now. What about all of the lives we touch, the young and old we converse with, we spread our energy with? What about the habits we […]


Thoughts on Self Love or Selfless Love

Is there anything more confusing then love? How should I love you? How should I love them? How should I receive love? Is this love? I don’t have the answers, let me put that one out there. One particular thing I’m confused about with regards to love is this current of self love that’s happening […]