Apple Blossoms at Dusk

One day a young boy and his father were sitting in their pasture watching the early spring grow as dusk approached. They both took off their shoes to enjoy the wild grass between their toes, it had been a long day working away, they were gardeners and had spent most of the day sowing seeds […]


Holding On Is Not An Option

At what point are we done? As far as I can see it, even with death we are only done with our physical existence of what we realize as now. What about all of the lives we touch, the young and old we converse with, we spread our energy with? What about the habits we […]


Thoughts on Self Love or Selfless Love

Is there anything more confusing then love? How should I love you? How should I love them? How should I receive love? Is this love? I don’t have the answers, let me put that one out there. One particular thing I’m confused about with regards to love is this current of self love that’s happening […]


Halt Scientifically Engineered Appeal – Samvega

This is Chvse North. She is a rad human who knows what generosity and kindness is. She listens, teaches, and suggests. —————– In some way, her example has taught me a new meaning of what it is to care about others. Not in a way that makes me wonder how I can take from others, […]