This is Chvse North. She is a rad human who knows what generosity and kindness is. She listens, teaches, and suggests.


In some way, her example has taught me a new meaning of what it is to care about others. Not in a way that makes me wonder how I can take from others, sue others, gain from my relationships, command and rule. No, I’m talking how to serve others, be a subtle guide, listen, be there. How can I make your day better. How can I help you rise up and remain solid on your journey.

When I was younger – well, even today I do it – I’d get lost looking at mountain bikes, muscle cars, guitars… I still look at things things things. Lately I’ve been looking at folding knives and survivalist gear, EDC stuff. I’m trying to understand these impulses in myself. The thing is, they are not what really fills me up with life, it’s the doing that fills me up. The pushing through and the butterflies.

Looking at things gives me an excitement, a rush. How can we compete with this high that’s been scientifically engineered to appeal to senses through stimulation?

Omission. Turn it off.

There is a sanskrit term: samvega. It means turning away from the bone. An exhaustion of strivings that turns into an energized and inspired concern with authenticity. Yes, this comes with shock, dismay, and alienation feeling from the futility of life as normally lived.

These changes we will come from. These changes we will stretch in to. We seek to stand up and shout with a voice that is joined in a movement, and there is nothing that can substantially replace this need. Type, yell, run, protest. Do it all if it’s your calling. Share in misery, joy, elation, sadness.

Submit to the journey. In order to know our true nature, in order to see clearly, we will have to stop our lives, slow things down, and look carefully.

Me? I’m trying to learn how to listen. I’m trying to reach out and connect, to share. I’m trying to learn how to help in a way that fills your lifeline. If you read this scattered thought bank through, say hi. I’m sure you’ve got something to share with me.

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